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Mara Finkelstein

Project Manager  | Problem Solver | Creative Digital Solutions


About Me

Hi, my name is Mara. I love creating simple solutions out of chaotic situations. I enjoy bringing people together whether for a meal, an event or as a team. I’m a leader who fosters strong relationships with colleagues, team members and clients to solves problems by bringing together cross-discipline, diverse and remote teams and focusing on our strengths. With over five years experience managing digital, web-based and SaaS projects, I have built a proven track record of planning, executing and launching holistic and innovative experiences for the end-user. I am a positive person who has strong emotional intelligence, a growth mindset and am comfortable influencing a team and managing any conflicts that may arise, often finding a solution that works best for everyone.

I have built teams, improved company working processes improving efficiency, managed projects, built products, and supported MVP launches. I have led market assessments, developed strategic roadmaps and guided hesitant teams through major digital transformations. Proficient in project management and team tools, design thinking, and client relationship management, I continuously strive for user-centric, creative solutions no matter the size of the team or the problem.


Please take a look at some of my previous work. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to connect. 


Check out my resume and learn more about my professional background. 

Consulting Services

Elevate your business journey with our personalized consulting services. Let's collaborate to unlock growth, enhance efficiency, and chart a path to your unique success. Explore our tailored solutions and embark on a transformative partnership with us.

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