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Digital Standardisation:

Project: To create a standard for all campaign sites that already exist and will be created moving forward.

Goal: To take non-relevant sites offline , update old sites to the new standard of design, and user experience ensuring that the standard is clear for all parties involved moving forward.

Tools used: Jira, Google Inspector Tools, Microsoft Office

Process: I reviewed all microsites, marking non-relevant sites and preparing them for archival. Afterwards I studied the current design trends on the corporate site and created a standard for the aspects that would need to be the same across all sites. I created a timeline for the phased project roll out, in order that they changes be implemented efficiently.

Leadership:Lead team of creative, copy, developers and interns (software engineering and quality insurance).

Outcome: Successfully standardized 15 microsites, providing superior user experience, updated visuals. Created system for standardization of microsites within the firm.


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